Traffic comes to a standstill as two lions decide to roll around in the middle of a road on the edge of the Nairobi National Park in Kenya. Commuters were forced to watch the ten-minute display, before the lions left the road.
 by Gareth Jones

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INTERVIEWER: Obviously, if you were riding around in the tank, you had to build some pretty strong relationships. Did you get a little sad that you weren’t going to be seeing these guys every day?

LOGAN LERMAN: It was kinda like I had Stockholm Syndrome. These guys were so horrible to me at first, and then, after a while, I really respected them. I had a lot of love for them. And I still do. But I still keep in mind that they treated me like shit for a lot of it.

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c o m e  s p i r i t , help us sing the story of our land

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the horror and concentration on his face

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A full moon rises over the skyline of New York as seen from the Eagle Rock Reservation in West Orange, New Jersey on August 10, 2014. (Eduardo Munoz/Reuters)

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"Everybody’s lookin’ at my tight pants, I got my tight pants, I got my tight pants on".

"And I’m the only one…"

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